The Application Portal allows the company to implement tailor-made software solutions in order to solve business common issues by using agile micro-applications instead of a more classic approach of buying special targeted software for each need.


Need of unique integrated tools
SME often have too many isolated software products. They don’t talk to each other and most of the time end up out of control.
Need of an advisory approach
SME often have not the necessary IT know-how to make the right choices and sometimes need to be protected by themselves.
Need of software customization
SME are heterogeneous and require a lot of flexibility in the software implementation of their business processes.

Gas Portal

is the answer


Unique tool

It is a unique integrated tool bringing to your business orderliness and structure. It supersedes the abuse of Excel often seen in SME.


Gas Portal is made up by standard modules containing Netspin Lab know how and implementation of our advisorial approach gathered in years of experience.

High Quality

Gas Portal radicates in each business process and must be implemented with very high standard of quality guaranteed by our high qualified technical team.


Application portal

  • Essentiality
    Highly customizable agile micro applications made up just by those really required features, nothing more.
  • Adaptability
    The software adapts to customer business traits without changing employers way to think and work.
  • Ability to grow
    The application portal can grow in the years, step by step with a company sustainable speed.
  • Modernity
    The application portal is web based, mobile-ready and cloud deployed.

Standard product

Standard product

  • Surplus
    Huge complex, steady and heavy applications, very difficult to customize, so rich in features that the user gets lost in them.
  • User need of adapting
    The employers must change their way to work and think and adapt to the structure of the product
  • Static
    Standard products are tipically static, they don’t embrace and encourage evolution but only support minor version updates.
  • Outmoded
    Standard product often comes from the past struggling to adapt to new trends and technologies: web, mobile, cloud.


The quick answer of Gas Portal to the needs of our customers: ready-to-use solutions to start working immediately knowing that the tool could be expanded in the future.






In Cloud solutions applications reside on virtual platforms in high-fidelity data centers and because of that applications are reachable through the internet.

This solution is the most complete: it allows access and work from any device, also from mobile devices without worrying about infrastructure.

The customer will access via browser to all information in every moment from everywhere.


Many companies still did not gain the confidence to extract their business information out of their local network and for them cloud solutions are just too scary.

To these companies, we give the chance to install a virtual or phisical server inside their local network on which Gas Portal will be deployed. Our technicians will take care of installation, deploy and training. The application portal, with the right configuration will still be accessible from the outside the LAN, by the customer users. Obviously, this solution is more expensive and needs a good IT department.


Gas Portal is also able to manage mixed distributed architecture where, for example, the application is in the cloud but communicates with an appliance installed in the local network and allows Gas to talk to other software installed by the customer’s infrastructure.

Most of the times, this kind of architecture is used to retrieve live data from ERP or to give back the necessary feedback to local applications.



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